La cadira retallada

La cadira retallada

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We have featured a number of challenging designs constructed entirely from singular materials.  From cardboard sculptures of cars through to this latest design made entirely from light wood.This ‘punch-out’ design stool comes complete with its own hang sell. Easier than a three year old’s jigsaw puzzle, the pieces pop out of the frame to create a simple yet stylish stool.If you know of any other simple punch-out designs or cool cardboard creations, let us know and York we will feature them in upcoming posts! by cheap football jerseys Lisa Evans.Gràcies a thecoolhunter  




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Marc Iglesias

Una pasió i una sòlida experiència en el disseny d'interiors. Dirigeixo krea, un estudi de disseny ubicat a Mataró on ofereixo als meus clients els millors resultats d’interiorisme segons les seves necessitats i possibilitats.

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