Potser el diari no es pugui tornar a llegir, però la seva memòria segueix entre nosaltres…

Potser el diari no es pugui tornar a llegir, però la seva memòria segueix entre nosaltres…

Greetje van Tiem, disenyadora holandesa formada a l’academia de Disseny de Eindhoven, escola on es van formar dissenyadors tan reconeguts com Joris Laarman, Hella Jongerius o Maarten Baas, <span cheap nba jerseys class=”Apple-style-span” style=”line-height: normal”>ha aconseguit que un producte de tant poca durabilitat com el paper de diari es converteixi en un fil a prova de de trencament que es pot aplicar a la confecció de tot tipus de teixit.La clau està en el telar, on aquest adquireix resistència i es converteix en teixit amb el que es poden fer tapissos, com el que veiem a la fotografia, alfombres o qualsevol altre cosa. Amb una sola pàgina de diari es poden aconseguir més de 20 metres oakley outlet de fil. Per aquesta dissenyadora ecologista, el més important és l’experiència de poder donar un nou us a un producte tant carregat de històries i imatges.

It was what it was.”. Long and lean from the crown of the head right to the heels. The most likely possibility would seem to be an indefinite suspension while the NBA conducts a thorough investigation into not only this incident, but Sterling’s past as well to try to determine if a pattern has developed. Individual traces are overlaid in the inset. Louis’ All Pros were DT Aaron Donald and punter Johnny Hekker.. How To Play ShintyThe game is played in two halves of 45 minutes each and the object is to score goals. Professor Karen King made her announcement today after the anonymous individual who gave her the papyrus was unmasked: a Floridian named Walter Fritz, who has dabbled in Egyptology, the auto parts business and pornography.King, who teaches Ecclesiastical History, reached her conclusion after readingThe Atlantic’s investigation into the papyrus’s origins, ‘The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife’, saying ‘It tips the balance towards forgery’.Until now, Fritz was the missing piece in a drinstehen? puzzle that has confounded the world of academia for four years the authenticity of a business card sized scrap of papyrus in ancient Copticwriting.If the document were proved genuine, it would threaten to undermine some of the central teachings of the Church by suggesting Jesus Christ may have been married.Harvard historian Professor Karen King (above), who defended the authenticity of the papyrus, has now said it is probably a fakeBut a letter from Fritz to a journalist at The Atlantic has revealed him to be the once anonymous owner of the papyrus which would eventually fall into the hands of the Harvard scholar,His ‘confessional’ begins: ‘I, Walter Fritz, herewith certify that I am the sole owner of a papyrus fragment which was named “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” ‘I cheap MLB Jerseys warrant that neither I, nor any third parties have forged, altered, or manipulated the fragment and/or its inscription in any way since it was acquired by me.Fritz, who as a child had considered becoming a priest, bought Laukamp’s papyrus collection in Florida in 1999 and kept it in storage for cheap nfl jerseys shop ten years.Then, during a business trip to London, he met an art dealer who offered to buy the papers cheap oakleys for around (35,000) $50,000 ten times what Fritz thought they’d be worth.THE GOSPEL OF JESUS’S WIFE The existence of the fragment, known as the ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife,’ was made public at an academic conference in 2012.It is seen by some as a glimpse of how ancient Christians wholesale china jerseys thought and carbon dating has suggested it is around 1,260 years old.Researchers have suggested it may be a copy of an older text.However, others, including the wholesale football jerseys Vatican, have described it as an absurd fake.Although the business card sized fragment contains http://fakeoksunglassescheap.com only a cheap Air Jordans few scraps of sentences, they seem to express ideas not seen in the canonical Gospels of the New Testament.’Jesus said to them, ‘My wife.,” reads one snippet cut off by a torn edge, while other lines have Jesus suggesting that at least some women could be his disciples, roles filled in the canonical Gospels exclusively oakley sunglasses by men.At the time, a furious Vatican newspaper dismissed the find as a fake.
Marc Iglesias

Una pasió i una sòlida experiència en el disseny d'interiors. Dirigeixo krea, un estudi de disseny ubicat a Mataró on ofereixo als meus clients els millors resultats d’interiorisme segons les seves necessitats i possibilitats.

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